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The Company

Dr. Claus-Michael Kinzer
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The property and building experts consists of architects, civil engineers and economic engineers, who are scientifically educated. They have special practical experiences, have carried out their own projects and realised projects and have practised longterm expert’s and consulting activities.

The company puts the main emphasis on building controlling, building diagnostics and property evaluation.

We are also active in the fields of project management and project controlling.

We offer as well further education courses and research-performances.

A qualified team is available which is supplemented by our contracting parties who represent the specialist’s fields of construction and property. So we can offer special building fields like heating and sanitary engineering, noise control, structural measurements like blowerdoor-method, thermography as well.

Thus we are able to manage nearly all of the building and property fields.

Dr. Claus-Michael Kinzer CEO

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