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Evaluation of Construction Faults / Analysis of Construction Faults

Evaluation of Construction Faults / Analysis of Construction Faults

Construction Faults and Flaws on Walls as a Consequence of:

  • Assembly defects

  • Insufficiant working out of joints

  • Inadequate construction physical qualities

  • Overrange of the allowed tolerance limits

Construction Faults

Causes for Defects and Redevelopment Suggestions for Flaws and Damages on
Windows, Doors and Winter Gardens as a Consequence of:

  • Fitting defects

  • Constructive flaws

  • Moisture damages and mould

  • Leaks

Construction Faults 22
construction faults 23
construction faults 21

Damages and Flaws of Roof Constructions and Roofings, Especially on:

  • Moisture proof roofing

  • Trapezium sheet metal roofs

  • Copper roofs

  • Pantile roofings

  • Ventilated and unventilated roofs

Construction Faults 03

Damages and Flaws on Floors, Especially on:

  • Bending of ceramic coverings and parquet flooring

  • Insufficient working out of joints

  • Discolourations and removal of textile coverings

  • Formation of cracks

Construction Faults 04

Investigation of the Fabric

Special Controls of:

  • Building sealings

  • Roofs

  • Balconies, terraces

  • Winter gardens

  • Fronts

  • Underground car parks

  • Drainage

  • Paved ways, parking spaces

  • Underpinning

Construction Faults 05

Investigation of Wood Damages as a Consequence of:

  • Wood damages

  • Dry rot

  • Inadequate constructive wood preservative

Finding of the Extend of Damages and the Renovation Costs for:

  • Buildings in danger of collapse caused by impacts with cranes, excavators etc.

  • Buildings in danger of fall-safety by base failure, insufficient underpinning etc.

Finding of the Damage Extend and Suggestions for the Renovation of Moisture Damages as a Consequence of:

  • Inadequate drainage and sealing of the building

  • Planning and execution mistakes of roofings and roof sealings

  • Front damages

Construction Faults 6
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