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Constructive Revision

Constructive revision is the supervision move after conclusion of a building project. It determines the market value and checks the investment costs as well as the economy.

In case of doubt, if a finished building project keeps its value or if it corresponds to the approved technical rules, it is necessary to have a following constructive revision. This states if the investment has fulfilled its aim.

Within the constructive supervision a constructive control is done in the field refinishing of the interiour, the floor coverings, wall coverings, windows, doors and installations in the aim to verify if the carried out standard corresponds to the agreed standard and if the accepted technical rules have been followed. Furthermore another verification follows, using the technical documents, if the footing, building’s sealing and the performance of the ceilings’ and roof’s construction correspond to the approved technical standard.

An evaluation of the building project is done to assess if the investment keeps its value altogether. Because of the found technical equipment features it can be checked if the building price is adequate.

At a specific inspection can be seen if the building project shows any signs of construction defects.

Constructive Revision

Constructive revision shall not only be done in case of definite suspect of unsuccessful building projects and investments, but it is as well a methodology to rise the quality level while building, by an external investigation. So constructive supervision also serves an optimization process.

Constructive revision should always take place at the inspection and approval as well as at the taking possession of a building project.

Constructive revision can as well mean the concluding test report about the success of a building project or an investment, which can be shown at the performance committees. Thus it serves the quality improvement, supervision and the reporting.

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