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Constructive Supervision

Constructive Supervision During Planning

By using constructive supervision the supervision of the planning, construction and costs is intended to be optimized. Constructive damages shall be avoided from the beginning.

Caused by the increasing realisation of building projects by lead managers, foreign tenderers and by new and innovative solutions in the field of cost saving building, it becomes more and more necessary to carry out a current quality control in the aim to recognise weak spots and to guarantee a minimum standard.

Possible constructive damages shall be recognized. Constructive supervision has to start in the stage of planning for the recognition of future possible damages and where economisations in the whole scheduling are possible.

While planning, an evaluation’s simulation can be developed where the value of the future investment can be seen.

Constructive Supervision During the Contract Awarding Procedure

Verification of the invitation to tender’s documents of all trades, verification of the equipment’s level, verification of the technical standard in relation to the tender price.

Constructive Supervision While Building

Quality control in detail, i.e. in the fields footing, buildings’ sealing, drainage, performance of the ceilings’ and roof’s constructions, constructive supervision in the field refinishing of the interiour, floor covering, wall surfaces, windows, doors, installations etc.

Constructive Supervision

Constructive Supervision after Finishing of the Building Project

Supervision of the total costs in relation to the planned costs, evaluation of the insurance value, completing inspection and approval of the building, verification of the constructive documentation with its technical documents.

Being a partner of the GTÜ – Society for Technical Supervision Ltd. – a certificate for the documented building project can be made out.

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