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Property Valuation and Location Analysis

Evaluations of the Market value, Evaluations of Rent and Lease-Value for:

  • Old people’s homes

  • Meeting places

  • University buildings

  • Plots of agriculture and forestry

  • Railway installations

  • Gravels pits

  • Disposal sites

  • Commercial and industrial buildings

  • Office sites

  • Current sites of production

  • Fallow land

  • Department stores

  • Shopping centres

  • Leasure facilities

  • Air ports

  • Leasure parks

  • Marinas

  • Tennis centres

  • Residential buildings

  • Owner occupied flats

Property Valuation 1
Property Valuation 2
Property Valuation 3

Analyses and Spezial Evaluations in the Property Field

Lending evaluations

Investigation of associations’ values

Location analyses

Recording of landed property as basis for the facility management


Investigation of sociologic and economic basic data

Economic forecasts

Investigations of the market

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