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Recording of Landed Property and Value Analysis

A high share of companies’ capital is tied in property. It’s in the nature of things that property is not markatable and within its capital is tied on a long-term basis, so that property means very often fallow capital.

Legal Supervision

Permanent legal alterations cause legal controls of the property. So it is important to know the property’s classification of urban development, if it is under a preservation order or in the land register for poisonous wastes, or if it is misused.

Economic Supervision

It is important to analyse the market situation concerning its own property. Apart from the knowledge of the market value it is meanful to estimate its future development.

Technical Situation

Here it is needed to know the actual technical state of the property, which maintenance costs will occur and which constructive adaptations because of legally passed alterations will be necessary.

Value Analysis 1
Value Analysis 2

Basis of a permanent valuation is the data collection. We collect the property data as a basis for a permanent valuation which at first concludes with a value analysis. This analysis answers all the decisive questions concerning the value. The knowledge of the separate values is important for the recognition of possible tax sheltering, credit reserves and the assessment of the future market situation.

The property field needs, especially because of the new tax regulation, the knowledge of the properties’ real value and the future possibilities for financial development.

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