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Warranty Management

In the performance stage 9 of the HOAI (fee regulations for architects and engineers) the supervision of the elimination of defects within the warranty stage is included. Still, in this performance stage the creation of as-built plans and renting out plans, the drawing up of equipment and inventory lists, the writing of maintenance and care instructions, property observation, building site inspections, editing of data for an object file, supervision of maintenance and care performances and the examination of the building- and running-cost-benefit-analysis are excluded. Very often this task is not ordered, and within the warranty period further tasks like documentation and investigation of reasons arise.

Out of practical needs we have developed and based on our experts’ experience a management system, with the following elements:

  • Independent site-inspection with determining of defects

  • Documentation and conservation of evidence

  • Assigning the defects to the corresponding responsibles

  • Demand to eliminate the defects

  • Supervision of the defects’ elimination

  • Inspection and approval of the defects’ elimination

  • Suggestions for reductions and financial balance of not eliminable defects

Warranty Management

The system includes no legal advice in the sense of the law of legal advice. It is rather based on an extended thinking in processes which has got its basis in the performance of the consulting engineer. The aim here is the solution of the problems, that have been raised by defects, and to accompany the carrying out with the necessary project management.

It would be ideal if this performance could directly follow the end of the project, and could start with the liability list and a fixed period of time. Additionally the drafting of the plant and machinery, the summary of the maintenance and care instruction and their control, the project observation and the editing of the data for the object file should follow.

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